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Representative Cases

Successful collection of funds for mortgage holder

A client contacted our office indicating that her ex boyfriend had kicked her out of the home they had shared for 5 years. The client indicated that she had lent her boyfriend at the time $130,000 and in exchange, as security, he signed a mortgage naming the client as the mortgagee on the house he […]

Successful Resolution of Motor Vehicle Accident Claim By Arbitration

A client was injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not her fault. We were able to convince the other driver’s insurance company that it was best for all concerned to resolve the claim by entering into binding arbitration. Arbitration is a means of avoiding litigation; it costs less; and gets quicker results. Result: […]

Contractor Failed To Perform

A client contacted our office complaining that a contractor had agreed to install a certain piece of equipment in his home. Not only did the contractor not perform the work in the manner he agreed, but he also damaged the client’s home. Result: After initiating suit, the contractor agreed to a settlement with our client.

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