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We treat our clients with the respect they deserve. We are sensitive to their needs as we realize that during any family law related matter including a divorce, that there are many emotional times that our clients need not only our legal advice, but the assistance of someone who they can trust. We are always available to answer questions and provide our clients with whatever assistance they may need to get through what is for many, a very stressful time of their life.

Our attorneys handle all Massachusetts family law related matters including:

Child Custody Disputes

We understand the pain and emotional suffering that parents go through while dealing with child custody issues. We tell our clients at our initial meeting that although they are our “client”, our main interest is going to be what is in the best interests of the child. For example, unless the noncustodial parent is abusive and/or of bad character so that the child’s well being would be at risk, we urge our clients to provide as much reasonable access to the other parent for many reasons, including:

a. the better the relationship that the child has with both parents, the happier the child will be, which translates into health, and education.
b. The stronger the relationship that the noncustodial parent has with the child, the less chance of having support issues, and the more likelihood that the noncustodial parent will provide additional support if funds are available and the need is there.

The well being of the child is of paramount importance to not only us, but also the Court. We therefore try to develop a parenting plan (visitation) that works well not only for the parents, but also for the child.

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Alimony is the payment made by one party to the other after the divorce, either by Court Order or by agreement of the parties. Sometimes alimony is paid in addition to child support. Alimony is tax deductible by the payer and is taxable to the payee. So, sometimes when a party is entitled to both child support and alimony, it is decided that it is in both parties best financial interests to pay all of the “support” as alimony, especially if the party receiving the payment has little or no income.

Generally, alimony awards are not given for short-term marriage, or where both parties have relatively equal incomes and earning capacities. If alimony is awarded in a situation involving a short-term or medium-term marriage, it is more likely to be time-limited.

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Divorce Mediation

Mediation is the process that allows spouses to avoid litigation, and the emotional as well as financial toll that the divorce process can take. By entering into Mediation, the parties are able to decide upon those issues that concern their situation, including: support, property division, and child related issues.

Generally, Mediation helps the parties in having a more rational relationship with each other after a divorce than after a costly protracted divorce trial. It has been said many times in the legal profession, that a “fair agreement” is one that neither party is happy with. This statement may seem odd in the context of reaching an agreement though Mediation, but being realistic, there are hardly any agreements involving the termination of a social relationship when both parties are going to be pleased.

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