Out of State Collection and Full Recovery

We are a small specialty material supply business located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We had an agreement to supply material to a contractor in Needham Heights, MA. We offered very fair payment terms and gave a substantial amount of credit to the contractor. After the materials were delivered and the work was completed we had difficulty securing payment. All totaled we were owed about $30,000.00. This represented a significant amount of money for our business. When the contractor stopped returning our calls and began to ignore our emails, we became very concerned. Because we are an out of state supplier we had additional concern and worry. I sent a brief summary of our situation to Mr. Oriel using the form on his website. I was contacted personally by Mr. Oriel over the phone the same day. We had a detailed discussion and Mr. Oriel sent me a proposal and recommendation for action with respect to the recovery of the debt. I was very pleased with the professionalism shown by Mr. Oriel. In less than 4 months Mr. Oriel had collected the full balance without the expense of a court filing.

When the contractor refused to pay us, I honestly thought we would be lucky to recover any of the money. We were absolutely pleased with the results and the speed at which the recovery took place. I would unequivocally recommend Mr. Oriel for collections or any other business needs. He is fair, professional and honest.

by Jim