Should we hire a Boston business attorney for our small distressed company?

Additional Information:

We are a financially distressed family-owned business in the Boston Metrowest area.  Can you please explain what an out of court workout is and what are the benefits should we decide to hire a Boston business attorney?


If you own a business and are struggling to meet the demands of your creditors you have a few choices. You could put the entity into a bankruptcy, however if you have signed personal guarantees you will not be protected by the bankruptcy filing unless you plan on filing for personal bankruptcy as well. You could also attempt an out of court work out plan with your creditors. In either scenario it makes sense for you to contact our office to assist with this process. Our attorneys are skilled and have the ability to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to provide you with the best possible results. We are able to leverage a better deal for you due to our ability to defend you and cost your creditors significant money if they choose to litigate.

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