I was in an auto accident in the Greater Boston metro area.

Additional Information:

I was rear-ended by a delivery truck of a pretty large company in the Greater Boston Metro area.  My neck was injured in the accident.  I got the name of the driver and the insurance information but was curious about the liability of the company. Who is liable- the driver? the company or both? I already went to the doctor and am seeing a chiropractor now. Thanks.


Both the driver and his employer are responsible; however if there is insurance, then the insurance will cover both the driver and the company. Before you do anything else, we suggest that hire an attorney with significant experience in personal injury law.  What you do now; who you speak with; and the information you provide anyone may have a great effect on your claim for bodily injury and monetary losses.  We have the experience to represent you and assist you in getting the damages you are entitled to receive.  Please remember not to speak with any insurance representative of the employer/driver’s insurance company. You are not obligated to provide them with any information at all. Many times if they are able to speak to someone like you, they will record the conversation and you may say something that could hurt your claim.

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