In MA, can I file a claim myself for $9K owed to our business or do I need an attorney?

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In MA, can I file a claim in small claims court for $9,000 owed to our business or do I need an attorney?  What are the guidelines for filing small claims and what fees are associated if I do this on my own vs. hiring an attorney?


In Massachusetts the small claims limit is $7000 so anything over and above this amount must be filed in either district Court ( $7001-$25,000) or Superior Court (for claims greater than $25,000).

The filing fees are as follows:

$500 or less: $40.00
$501-$2000: $50.00
$2001-$5000: $100.00
$5001-$7000: $150.00

In terms of whether you should handle the matter on your own vs. hiring an attorney is a decision that each individual should make on their own.  If you were sick and needed medical attention you would likely choose to visit a doctor for a diagnosis.  The same holds true with dealing with a litigation matter and deciding whether or not to use an attorney.

Our fees are very competitive and we can work on contingency, hourly or flat fee arrangements. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in helping you collect monies that are rightfully yours.

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