Massachusetts Commercial Debt Collection – Collecting on a Debt

By Massachusetts Commercial Debt Collection Attorney David Goldberg

Too often, businesses that are owed money are hesitant to hire a collections lawyer to collect a debt, because they do not want to incur any legal fees or expenses. But if they wait too long, they could end up with nothing.

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If a debtor owes “you” money, chances are they may owe others as well. Therefore, the first creditor who seeks payment by using the services of an experienced collection lawyer will certainly have a better chance of being paid, then a creditor who chooses to continue to send monthly invoices.

Our collection attorneys find that if a debtor has not responded positively to one of our letters, that suit should be filed without any delay. If suit is filed, and if you know of a bank account or any real estate owned by the debtor, sometimes you can successfully attach such assets.

In Massachusetts, claims under $2,000 should be pursued by the creditor, without the need of an attorney in Small Claims Court. It is a quick and easy process to obtain payment. Claims between $2,000 and $25,000 must be filed in the District Courts, and claims in excess of $25,000 are filed in the Superior Court.

Sometimes you can find a collection attorney who will handle the collection, solely on a contingent fee basis (meaning they get a percent of what is recovered) and sometimes an attorney will accept a fee arrangement of partially hourly rate or non-contingent suit fee and a smaller percentage. Fees can be negotiated.

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