My husband just told me he wants a divorce. What should I do?

Additional Information:

We have been living apart for several months and he has been paying the bills so far. We have 2 kids and we own a house. What should I do?


First of all, have you tried counseling? Is there any interest on your part or his to try and save the marriage? If you haven’t sought some assistance, perhaps the two of you should give it a try. Many health insurance plans cover counseling services. Once it is determined that your marriage is over, then you should seek the assistance of a lawyer who will help you in the divorce process. You want to make sure that the lawyer you choose will do his/her best to resolve the marital issues as quickly and fairly as possible without causing or creating more issues. Although most divorces end up with the parties reaching a settlement, many times that does not happen until days before a trial is scheduled to start. Your lawyer will protect your rights and will assist you in resolving any financial issues with or without the help of the Court. Call Goldberg & Oriel for a free initial office consultation. We are here to help you.

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