Under MA 93A can I sue a business and get triple damages and attorney fees?

Additional Information:

I have a small business and had a contract with a Massachusetts company to perform landscaping work outside our building. I paid them nearly a couple thousand dollars to perform weekly maintenance and they have not done it consistently. The area looks like a dump and they won’t give me my money back so I can hire someone else. Under MA 93A can I sue a business and get triple damages and attorney fees?


In Massachusetts before you can sue for “triple damages” you must first file a 93A Demand Letter against the company in which you state your position and make demand for payment. If the other party does not respond within 30 days you can then file a 93A claim in Massachusetts for triple damages as well as for attorney’s fees. Often times the initial letter from an attorney’s office is enough of a “threat” and shows the seriousness of your intentions and the case resolves itself with a payment.

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