My wife and I have discussed getting a divorce several times, but we aren’t sure what to do.

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My wife and I are having problems getting along after ten years of marriage and we have two kids. We have discussed getting a divorce several times, but neither one of us, has made the move to get one. What should we do?


We receive questions like this all the time and there is no simple and quick answer. Everyone’s situation is different and it is not up to any lawyer to decide what is best for their clients, especially for matters that concern such personal issues as the marriage, children, family, etc. Sometimes people who are not getting along, just need some good counseling services to try and determine what the real causes are of any disagreements and how to resolve those matters. Sometimes, it is helpful for people who are planning on getting divorced to seek the assistance of a trained divorce mediator, rather than get involved in hiring lawyers and fighting over each and every issue. Unfortunately, on many occasions, individuals have no choice to fight in Court, when their spouse is being unreasonable. At Goldberg & Oriel, we first attempt to see if there is a way to save the marriage by recommending counseling services, if we think it seems appropriate. One of our Associates, Eileen Fahey is a certified Divorce Mediator, as well as a former staff member at the Middlesex Family & Probate Court for 17 years. If counseling and/or Mediation does not make sense, then we are ready and prepared to do whatever is necessary to assist our clients in obtaining a fair and just resolution of their marital issues.

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