How will the court decide child custody?

There are many matters that need to be considered regarding the custody of a child, including:

• Which Parent Is Best Qualified: To establish that you are the parent best qualified to have custody, you must show the court that it’s in the best interests of the child to make you the custodial parent. This process can be lengthy, and you need to be prepared to prove that you are the correct choice. We will help you to do that.
• Taking child out of state: Before moving out of state with your child, you need to have the Court’s permission. Even if the other parent tells you its okay, you should get it in writing, preferably with the Court’s order.
• Modification of custody, parenting (Visitation) order, and child support: Any modification of a Court Order should be done with the Court’s permission. If you are paying child support, and lose your job or have some other financial loss that prevents you from making your normal payment, before you make any reduction in your child support payment, make sure that you get the Court’s permission, otherwise you could be found in Contempt of Court.